February Update: Happy Lunar New Year!

It’s been a while…

But, it’s 2019, and that means… Necrobarista is coming out THIS YEAR!

It’s been a few months since we exhibited at PAX Aus, and we’re still floating on cloud nine from all the amazingly positive feedback we got from everyone. It’s always fantastic to see how excited you all are for Necrobarista, and we promise we won’t let you down! We’re working our butts off and the game’s looking more gorgeous than ever.

To tide you over until release, we’ve got some cool things in store – if you like peeks into the process of developing a game, you’re gonna LOVE what we’re working on right now. More details on that below! But first…

Happy Lunar New Year!

In honor of the Year of the Pig, Ashley’s dressed up one of her homemade robots, or “Ashlings”—this one’s looking adorable!

We Got Fanart, And We’re Tickled Pink

The thing about gamedev is that, sometimes, you forget that you’re actually making a game for people to play and enjoy and gaze lovingly at. And sometimes people gaze at your game so lovingly that fanart summons itself into existence? Somehow? All this to say: we have fanart, oh my gosh. We’re thrilled. Check it out.

First up, a couple of great pieces from Jennifer R. (@JarODragon):

Click on the image for close-ups! Don’t forget to give the artist some love while you’re there, too!
We’re not gonna comment on whether this one is canon or not. 😉

Next, a wonderful series of sketches of Maddy and a very young and handsome Chay by Twitter user 진주 (@Maddy_Xiao):

If you make fanart of Necrobarista, PLEASE let us know via Twitter—it makes our day every time!

Come chat with the Necrobarista dev team!

FACT: Did you know that we have an official, dedicated Discord server frequented by members of the Necrobarista dev team? I know, it’s shocking but also TRUE. It is a chill space with nice people in it, and you should definitely pop in and say hi. Just click here!

Aim Your Eyeholes At Our Steam Page, Please

If you haven’t wishlisted us on Steam, you should definitely do that – even if you’re checking the Steam store page every day! Why’s that, you ask? It’s because Steam’s algorithm strongly favors games with high wishlist numbers when picking what gets featured on the store’s front page when we release. So, clicking that wishlist button helps us a lot!

Go on. You know you wanna.

(Please press it. We’re slaves to the algorithm.)

When We Said “More Details Below”, We Meant Way Down Here

Okay, okay, we’ve made you read enough: here’s what we’re giving you over the next few months: a series of short videos covering EVERY major Route 59 prototype, all the way up to Necrobarista’s current incarnation. Alongside never-before-seen footage of our prototypes and demos, we’ll show concept art, design documents, and other goodies. Here’s a blurry photo of our planning document!

You’ll be able to find these videos across our social media channels – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit!

That’s all for now!

This has been a monster newsletter! Good job for making it to the bottom.

Y’know… we have a Twitter account. And we post sneak peeks and dev insights on there sometimes. Maybe click that lil bird down there and give us a follow, huh?



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