I gave a talk at Visual;conference (announcing: NECROBARISTA)

Perhaps you heard the news already if you watched my talk earlier today at Visual;conference.

But if you didn’t see it already, here’s the trailer.

We also have a website for the game with a bit more information, with an email list that you can sign up for, and a Twitter and Facebook account that we will be using to share more info on our game.   (I’m told that these are things that we should share if we want people to care about our game.)

The actual talk I gave was about fundraising, and specifically, how we got funded to make the game shown in the trailer above.  Agilis (the conference organizer) says that we can expect to see video archives of the event go up soon, so if you want to spend 20 minutes listening to me drone on about ROI and other acronyms, fret not, the wait will be short!

Next week, I’ll also be posting some more detailed info about the fundraising process that I wasn’t able to cover in today’s talk: things like excerpts from our fundraising proposals, how we found funding bodies to apply to, and things of that nature.

I had a chance to answer several individual questions in chat from viewers during the conference, but if you have questions about how our fundraising process went, now would also be a great time to ask them; I’ll do my best to address all of them when I write our fundraising in greater detail next week.

In the meantime, I (and the rest of the team) are going to spend the rest of the next few days relaxing and recovering from the past few weeks.  (Turns out making a video trailer on a deadline is a lot of work!)


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2 Replies to “I gave a talk at Visual;conference (announcing: NECROBARISTA)”

  1. This is the first time that I’m truly fascinated by a video games. This is simply breath taking, I am a huge Point and Click fan. The concepts of this game along with the game play caught my attention. If possible, could you tell me more about this game? Also, will it release on steam? If so, will it has an early access?

    1. We are planning to release the game on Steam when it’s finished (no early access). A big part of the game is a “sense of discovery,” which includes learning about the setting, the characters, and the events that led up to the story, so we’re trying not to divulge too much before the game releases, but we will be posting periodic screenshots/video clips from our Twitter account in the time leading up to the game’s release, and you might be able to glean some additional information from these. If you just want to be notified when the actual game becomes available, I’d recommend signing up for our mailing list, which will mostly be focused on “news” updates as we get closer to release (no spoilers).

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